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Birth Date Numerology Beckons You

Life Path Number an overlooked guide through life

From birth to old age we all use guides to navigate the maze of life to the best of our ability. The ultimate goal, to maximize our potential. Guides come in many guises, whether in the form of a trusted parent, teacher, and elder or in the form a favorite story that sticks with us and inspires us throughout our lifetimes. Yet, an often underestimated and overlooked guide is the Numerologist.

As a study of numbers in relation to a specific individual’s life, numerology is a form of divination dating back to early Greek mathematicians like the well known Pythagoras. Usually, it is grouped with other esoteric studies like astrology, tarot, and rune casting. However, where an astrologer looks to the stars, a tarot reader looks to the cards, and a rune caster looks to runic writings, a numerologist focuses instead on the numbers associated with a person’s origin data, ie. the date of birth or the numbers corresponding to the letters in someone’s name. A basic numerology report is broken down to four numbers: the Life Path number, the Expression or Destiny number, the Soul Urge number, and the Birthday number.

Of these, the most influential number of an individual’s report is the Life Path Number or LP. It is calculated by adding together the month, day, and year of the individual’s birthday and then reducing that number to single number known as the mast number. For example, someone born on August 20, 1989 would calculate their LP thus:
The Life Path number, as the labeling suggests, is a number that, like a nature guide, illuminates the most reliable path through the forest of life. Sometimes referred to as one’s destiny, it is a map to the shortcuts and pitfalls you might encounter in life, and, by reading into your talents and disposition, gives you clues as to the best way to navigate through hardships and triumphs.

Numerology as a tool for divination is not meant as a means to tell the future but as a guide to show you the best possible path to take in order to actualize your happiest and fullest potential. It is a road map to our inner workings and deepest desires. One that, yes, we can discover on our own with enough time and effort, and yet, the job of any good guide is to point out the pitfalls and the shortcuts on a path so we can enjoy the journey as completely as possible. This is the role of a Numerologists, the role of a guide.[/wr_text][/wr_column][/wr_row]